Work smarter. Act faster. See further.

Actuarial functionalities for Excel workbooks.

Created by a Canadian pension actuary to perform actuarial valuations and administration tasks.

Easy to use and powerful

The Actuarial Excel Addin turns the Excel workbook into a workbench for actuaries and pension plans' administrators.

With fully parameterized annuity factors and looping facility, it saves times and increases productivity.

Work smarter. Act faster. See further.

  • Use pre-built actuarial functions
  • Use the same workbook for all the benefits calculations of a pension plan
  • Loop on data to produce actuarial valuations, annual pension statements, ...
  • Have access to monthly statistics via addin functions:
    • Interest rates for commuted value
    • Inflation
    • Salary increase
    • Financial market quotes
  • Have access to quarterly statistics via addin functions:
    • Old Age Security pension amounts
  • Have access to annual statistics via addin functions:
    • Canada/Quebec Pension Plans
    • Income Tax Act pension limits

Under the hood

  • Add-in developed and maintained by an experienced pension actuary
  • Used since 2005 by actuaries and pension administrators
  • Actuarial functions: äx:y, lx, tpx, tqx, vt, Äx
  • More functions: Eligibility dates, Average earnings, …
  • Annuity factors äx:y: immediate or deferred, with or without a co-annuitant, single or multiple interest rates (vector approach), single or multiple indexation rates (vector approach), frequency of payment, guaranteed period, percentage reverting to co-annuitant, period of payment, projection of mortality, …
  • Loop on data, do calculation on a separate worksheet and save individual results or print the statements to a PDF file
  • More than 40 mortality tables including the CPM 2014 (Canada) and its mortality projection scales, Canada Census 2020-2022, U.S.A. Period Life Table 2020
  • Mortality tables and projection scales updated regularly
  • Add your own mortality tables and projection scales
  • Canadian statistics for the pension industry updated monthly
  • Annual licensing fee

Download and free trial

Step by step procedure for installation and registration of the Actuarial Excel Addin and/or Installation Video

System requirements

To install the addin, you need the following:

  • A PC (not MAC compatible)
  • Excel 2007 or newer
  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11

Download the installation file

Select an addin's version by clicking one of the following buttons:

Version 5.0.0 (latest - old registration keys not supported)
Release notes

Install the Actuarial Excel Addin on your computer

Uninstall the 'old' version of the Actuarial Excel Addin, if applicable.

Install the 'new' version by double-clicking the file aea-v-5-0-0.msi (or previous version) that you have just downloaded.

Follow the instructions after launching the installation.

Email us your computer's key

Start Excel

On Excel's top menu, select 'Actuarial Addin > Registration'.

Make a copy of your computer key (in the upper box), by clicking on the button on its right. Click 'Close'.

Email a copy of your computer key to: administrator. (To paste your key in the email, press Ctrl-v.)

Register your Actuarial Excel Addin key

Check your emails, an addin key is coming your way

You will receive your addin key by email. Copy it, go to Excel.

On Excel's top menu, select 'Actuarial Addin > Registration'.

Click 'Add a new key', paste your addin key (ctrl-v) in the empty box and click 'Add this key'.

Click 'Ok'.

That's all there is to it!

Restart Excel and you are all set to use the Actuarial Excel Addin's functionalities.

Click 'Close' and restart Excel.


Excel workbooks powered by the Actuarial Excel Addin

Annuity Factors Calculator

One or two annuitants

Easy assumptions entry

Canada, United States mortality tables

CIA, Section 3500 automated

Download workbook Demo on Youtube

Benchmark Portfolio

Select among: equities, bonds, cash

Set the calculation date

1, 3, 6, 9 months and YTD performances

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years performances

Download workbook


Short videos hosted on Youtube


13 minutes

Overview of the addin's functionalities.

Installation and registration

7 minutes

A tutorial showing how to download the installation file, install the addin, obtain a registration key and register the key.

Annuity factors with the JS function

23 minutes

A tutorial showing how to produce annuity factors using the addin's functions JS and LX.

LX or LX_aeafunction

9 minutes

A tutorial showing how to produce LX vector with LX or LX_aea function.

CIA function

3 minutes

A tutorial showing how to use the CIA function to get the prescribed assumptions (interest rates, mortality) for the calculation of commuted values of pensions (Section 3500 of CIA's Standards of Practice).

Download the Cheat Sheet (pdf)

8 statistical functions

9 minutes

A tutorial showing how 8 statistical functions can help Canadian pension actuaries and pension plan administrators in their daily work.

Download the Cheat Sheet (pdf)

Create the Input and Results worksheets

15 minutes

A tutorial showing how to create a data worksheet, an input worksheet and loop on the data to create a results worksheet.

Print the "Statements" to PDF

11 minutes

A tutorial showing how to loop over the Data worksheeet and save an individual PDF for each record in the Data.

Add a custom mortality table

14 minutes

A tutorial showing how to create a custom mortality table and projection scale to be used with the LX function.

AverageEarnings function

12 minutes

A tutorial showing how to use the AverageEarnings function to calculate: best earnings, best consecutive earnings and last earnings average.

FutureAverageEarnings function

7 minutes

A tutorial showing how to calculate future average earnings using the function.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Install the addin and you will receive a valid key for a 30-day free trial.

  • What is the cost of the Actuarial Excel Addin?

    The Actuarial Excel Addin is sold as an annual licence valid for a single computer, renewable every January 1st. The cost of the license is indexed yearly with inflation (Canada).

  • No. Exceptionally, if a user terminates employment with the organization that purchased the license, a replacement license may be issued at no cost to the replacement employee.

  • You need a PC (not MAC compatible), Excel 2007 or newer and Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or 11.

  • Unfortunately, not for the moment. The situation is looked at regularly.

  • No. All licenses expire on December 31st. At the end of November / beginning of December, users are contacted by email to confirm the renewal of their licenses for the next calendar year. Following confirmation of the renewal, users receive a new addin key valid until the end of the next year.

  • Yes, the Actuarial Excel Addin allows you to calculate annuity factors, which is universal for all pension actuaries and administrators.

    It contains other universal features like:

    • Loop over data,
    • Save individual results,
    • Print statements in a PDF file (grouped and individuals),
    • Calculate the average salary (current or projected),
    • Determine an eligibility date according to age and service.

    The strictly Canadian part refers to functions returning data like:

    • tax limits,
    • government pension plans,
    • inflation and wage statistics,
    • prescribed assumptions for the calculation of commuted pension values.


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